Full Day Core Curriculum Workshop

Chair: Harold Rabinovitz, MD

Introduction to dermoscopy. Presentations and discussions on the most current information on the use of dermoscopy in helping clinicians classify skin lesions as benign or malignant will include Introduction to Dermoscopy, Terminology, Pattern Recognition, Nevus Patterns, Melanoma Patterns, Solar Lentigines, SKs, LPLK, BCCs, SCCs, AKs, Facial Lesions, and “Unknowns”. There will be formal lectures, unknown cases, and hands on with dermoscopy equipment.

DNA is pleased to announce that DermLite LLC will be partially sponsoring and also providing dermatoscopes, DermLite manufacturers the DermLite brand of skin imaging devices.

Heine USA LTD will also be providing dermatoscopes for a hands-on experience at our Dermoscopy Workshop taking place Saturday, March 9th, 2024 at the DNA 42nd Annual Convention.

Learning Objectives:
Discuss the use of dermoscopy.
Discuss classifying skin lesions as benign or malignant.
Recognize dermoscopic structures, their histologic correlates, and dermoscopic criteria that are essential in helping clinicians.

ANCC Credits: 7
Pharmacology Credit: 0